This region of northern California is the quintessential mix of beautiful vineyards, coastal magnificence and, a rich historical context. Bringing these pieces to life in your living space takes an eye for mixing the warmth of the sun, the rich colors of redwood forest and the raw power of the California Pacific coast.

Our Sonoma collection combines style, elegance, and sophistication.

Raw visuals and sensual textures provide the perfect background for your day-to-day experiences. surfaces, plush cushions, crisp linens and warm woods are accented with colorful hues. This collection invites you to sit down and enjoy a glass.

  • Finely finished linen and cotton create an easy style.
  • Leather seating and soft overstuffed chairs invite you to relax.
  • Polished natural wood and warm natural lighting.
  • Local plants, herbs and found objects bring nature inside.